Thursday, 15 August 2013

While I was away...

Its a long long time since I have been missing on blog front, of course you can ignore my special appearance "I-am-back" as  I was not even back for a day. I had just disappeared from blogger. Sorry, sorry to all those who had visited this blog, when I was busy, if there were any..;)

Last few months were too eventful for me. Life was moving at a super-sonic speed. Though each of it calls for a separate post, but keeping in mind my past laziness on this blog, I'll summarize them here, and if ever get a chance, then will write in detail again.

I had already told you all about my first job. It was one fun job. Though the quality of work was not at all good, and my manager sucked. Everything apart from these two were just great. Wonderful colleagues, wonderful work culture, easy holiday and many holidays, great timings (keeping in consideration my love for my beauty sleep) and awesome lunches. I got some really great friends there. But I got a bigger, better opportunity last week and I had to bid my adieu to the wonderful organisation. I never knew good byes could be so difficult. Within 4 months I was so attached to everyone there that I had tears in my eyes leaving that building and actually sobbed on my way back home. I didn't knew I would be missing them all so much. Apart from all other friends I'll miss the most one of my best friends "Savera" (earlier mentioned here ) who had joined the same office within a month. She had shifted from Delhi to Chandigarh only because we could be together. Last three months were so much fun with meeting her daily, our regular gossips, eating out together (even if it was rare, it was there). This goodbye is surely not meant for her, it won't effect our friendship, but still I'll miss meeting her daily. Staying in the same city yet not meeting again. I guess we have become accustomed to see each other daily. Never mind, Vodafone is going to earn a lot now and our wallets are going to have a biiiigg telephone expenses hole...:D :P

The next big thing was my new job. Now I'm a Sarkari Naukar. Finally got a job which was worthy of my education. Now I'm working as a manager in a PSU bank. Bigger organisation, better job profile, much better salary, everything looks so good. I got posted in my home city only, which is such a rarity that now I understand its true when people say being patient pays, though if I had a choice I'm sure I would have never been patient. ;) Bank is nothing in terms of office environment, if I compare it with my previous office. This one is hell boring. All colleagues are of my Dad's age and its always serious, quiet atmosphere here. Its just been 3 days here and I miss my old office friends a lot. Our giggles, our fun, our talks, our lunches, our youtube songs, our tea time gossips, my extra sleeping hours, less working days, everything. I guess, I have become a spoilt employee and will take a little longer to get used to this sarkari atmosphere.

And now the last but very big update, I'M ENGAGED. Getting married in February next year. This surely calls for another update, so rest to be continued, hopefully soon...;) :)