Friday, 16 November 2012

Saanjh...An Introduction..

Hiii friends and fellow bloggers..

Hereby I start my blogging journey with this post.. This is my first ever writing experience, so please bear with me..

“Saanjh” The name of my blog came from two ideas..

First the Punjabi word Saanjh which means togetherness, so here I wish to blend with many of you through our words and together we make beautiful relations and explore the “World of Words”…

And the second one is my major inspiration to come to the blogging world. It’s my dearest friend who already owns a beautiful blog (Do give it a look). Her blog is named ‘Savera’ and as I am completely inspired by her to write so I dedicate my blog’s name to her as ‘Saanjh’ meaning evening which follows the Savera’ i.e. morning. So following her, here I am on blogger.

We both are newly qualified Chartered Accountants (and still not settled into our ‘dream-type’ jobs) and love to read and discuss actually every damned thing possible in this world. So in one of our many worldly discussions (which used to start as a study discussion, during our CA final exams, but never continued as one) we started sharing blogs and our wishes to write. Though she writes really well, I never had that writing instinct but being absolutely free (berozgaar in crude terms) and having no other time pass than sleeping or watching the great ‘saas-bahu’ or ‘romeo-juliet’ type TV serial, here I try my hand at penning down my ramblings.

Hope I write something worth reading in the coming times.
Love you all


Kuch to kaho... Bolo bolo....