Saturday, 17 November 2012

Who's the biggest fan????

 I being  a girl-next-door type normal Indian girl, whom  I guess are all affected by the Television-serials syndrome, so watching daily soaps is a part of my daily regime, and I guess of many of you too. Though the frequency changes. Sometimes its just one show, sometimes it like all of them but as I had already mentioned it in my first post, I’m absolutely free these days so these TV shows occupy a major chunk of my day, so I thought of dedicating this post to the ever-so-important- necessity of our survival TV Soaps (I mean only Indian TV soaps, as I’m more fond of them).

Talking about Indian Serials I guess there had been three major phases till date.
First starting with “Shanti” which I remember only for Mandira bedi who wore a typical black ‘arrow shaped’ bindi, which became such a huge fashion trend that every Aunty of your mohalla, every teacher of your school used to adorn her forehead with that painted arrow matching to the colour of her dress.
Next came the era of “Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” which brought into light the godess of saas-bahus ‘Tulsi’ accompanied by her who’s the best-bahu competitor ‘Parvati’ and theVamp of Vamps ‘Komolika’ and then came the trend of Heavy sarees, jewellery, curled single hair strand flicks and then wherever you went you saw every lady becoming a TV bahu clone.
Last being the latest era of “Balika Vadhu” which though didn’t brought any major TV fashion trend, but it did brought a big change to TV concepts like the other two did. Along with that it led to a change in the mentality of the TV viewers. And I guess with time the loyal fans who showed their love towards their TV idols by adorning their fashion trends, starting differentiating among actual fashion trends and modes of showing their loyalty. With advancements in technology and internet, came in our lives facebook and other online forums and blogs and people showered their love for these shows and stars on these mediums. Some of them being enlisted by me here.
Today we have multiple fan pages of every hit TV show on every networking site, and there followers being in millions (yes they actually are, and I’m also on of these in few of them…only 2 of them actually).
 Then there are loads of people writing fan-fictions ( i.e. stories which people imagine and write keeping in mind their favourite TV-jodis and let me tell you they are not less than any serial or novel, many of them being actually far better) and making Video-Mixes ( videos in which audios of different songs are used as background score and various scenes and pics of their stars are used to make new videos , you can find loads of them on youtube).
Also the way old method of fan-mails and gifts is still there, though made easy by many news channels who have dedicated 1-2 hour  daily shows based on the “reel and real” lives of these TV stars. They collect such gifts and fan mails in bulk and send those cartons to the respective stars and capture their moments of ‘Wow!!’ and ‘Thanx’ and ‘Love you all’. I had actually recently seen in one such news show someone sending an i-phone5 to one of the TV show lead females (Man someone plz send me so many gifts and I will repeat these words throughout the day).
Then people signing petitions to channels and production houses to stop ending their favourite show or requesting a new season.
People having a disc-party in their cities on same day, same time marking the success of their loved actors and shows.
 Loads of fans sending hate-mails to a movie actress who was supposedly doing a role in a movie with one the TV stars which was expected to cause that hero to leave the show.
People celebrating ‘real’ birthdays of those actors and ‘reel’ birthdays of those characters.

People including many among us too, get swayed away with these shows so much that we can’t differentiate between the fiction and reality.
 Some say its love, some say its being crazy, some say its being a loyal fan, whatever you say these people do exist. They were there, are there and will always continue to show their love and support to these actors/characters/shows.
What do you think???Please do share your fan experiences (if  you had any)..
Love you all..


  1. Thank god I dont have indian channels on my dish.. so phewwwwwwwwww I am saved all the torture :)


    1. Hehe...:D
      Never mind, I'm sure your TV in Chandigarh house surely plays them and everyone here enjoys them...;)

  2. m surprised u dint evn mention d 'two'.. :-p

    1. I did mention the number, save the readers from the torture of the names...You already know it...;) :P :D


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